Fall Sports Wrap-up 2012

Fall Sports Wrap-up: Marine Military Academy

Chris Elliot, MMA Athletics Director

As we find ourselves midway through December with the weather outside turning cooler and the Christmas Season ever so quickly drawing near, the Marine Military Academy’s 2012 fall sports programs leaves behind a legacy of excellence.  The combination of school tradition and a strong cadet corps has led the Leathernecks to tremendous athletic success.

 Fall Sports Football Program

fall sportsThe MMA fall sports program kicked off again this year with football. The Mighty Leatherneck football program has just as much pride and tradition as any other school and the success of going 7 and 3 this year only heightens that esprit de corps.  Following the successful season the Leathernecks haven’t wasted any time in taking advantage of all that motivation and excitement.  The team is already hitting the weight room and practice field for the off-season.

 Other Fall Sports

fall sportsAs the only other major fall sports program, the MMA cross country team showed steady progress throughout the short season of six races.  The Leathernecks not only had to battle the intense South Texas heat, but they also competed against other schools spread across the Rio Grande Valley and consistently finished in the top half.

Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat in Fall Sports

As with most fall sports, this year the Leathernecks have experienced both the soaring highs of success and the low valleys of defeats, but overall, every athlete and every team has left an indelible mark of excellence.  Although some of the fall sports teams fell short of their goals, others went far beyond even their own expectations and gave the one and only Marine Military Academy

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