International Students December 2012

International Students at Marine Military Academy; Part III

International students continue to have a significant impact at Marine Military Academy.  This is the third article in the series spotlighting international students at Marine Military Academy.  The Academy has almost 30% international students and their efforts are found in every area of the Academy.  Each of the international students spotlighted here has provided their own comments and the information in this article is in their own words.

International Students Interviews

    Cadet Nnaemeka Amadi

international studentsHome: London, UK
Age: 17
Year: Senior
Years at MMA: First
Rank: Private First Class

” I came to MMA because I wanted a new experience.  I always wanted to come to a university in America, therefore I decided to come a year before college and experience the culture and diversity of  a new environment before making my decision.  Although I was actually born in Houston, Texas I never actually lived here so it was a new experience for me.”

“I heard abouat MMA from my cousin and his mother; he goes to school here.  I decided to try it out because I like the sound of a military experience.  I came for summer camp and loved it!  Summer camp definitely influenced my decision.  All the new people I met and the fun physical things I got to do.  This made me want to gain the military experience.”

“The thing I like most about MMA is the competition!  I am a very competitive person and I love to win!  The competition on that goes on in MMA really pushes all the cadets to achieve greatness and do things to the best of their abiltiy.”

“MMA has really helped me with my feiar of heights.  From all the Back 40 events like the rappel tower, high ropes course and the zipline, to the aerospace flying program.  Also MMA has taught me a lot about responsibility and discipline, getting me ready to be on my own at college.  this program has really helped me a lot.  I am pleased to have gotten this opportunity.”

   Cadet Firas Sandakli

international studentsHome: Beirut, Lebanon
Age: 16
Year: Junior
Years at MMA: First
Rank: Cadet Private First Class

” I came to MMA because I am the kind of person who likes the military and its activities.  I also came here for the education.  I was a bad student and always earning bad grades, so I heard about MMA, a college prep school and thought it would help me if I go there.  Plus it is a new experience for me that I would like to try.”

” What I like most is the respect people give each other, cadets saluting other cadets; that’s amazing.  I also like how MMA actually follows military rules, the obstacle courses and the physical training every other day.  Makes you feel like a true Marine.”

“MMA has done a lot for me.  I’m earning better grades that I used to.  I used to always be lazy back home and my maids did everything for me.  After being at MMA I do everything myself.  MMA has made me a young man and taught me how to respect and be respected by others.  I’m a new person now.”

  Cadet Nathanael Ntumba

international studentsBorn: Madagascar
Age: 18
Year: Senior
Years at MMA: First
Rank: Cadet Corporal

” I came to MMA because I wanted to be a Marine for five  years.  I felt that somehow this school would help prepare me for the Marine Corps.  In some aspects it has.  I also came here to go above and beyond what I’m capable of.  I came here to prepare for the Marine Corps because I want to join after high school. I also came for the discipline.”

What I like most about this school is the discipline instilled in cadets.  I enjoy the activities (mainly the weight room) and above all, Delta Company.  I enjoy the camaraderie and brotherhood that I get.  I feel like I can talk to anyone in my company about anything and that they are always there to talk with.”

“MMA has changed me for certain.  It has made me more motivated and made me more disciplined;  physically, mentally and academically.  For that I am truly grateful.”

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