Marine Corps Junior ROTC Program

Marine Corps Junior ROTC Program at Marine Military Academy: Helping Forge the Leaders of Tomorrow

marine corps junior rotcThe overall purpose of the Marine Corps Junior ROTC program at Marine Military Academy is to prepares high school students for leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens.  The Marine Corps Junior ROTC program is much more than just wearing a uniform a couple days a week and marching around.  It entails leadership classes, distinguished guest speakers, significant outdoor training and physical fitness and lastly and most importantly, living the values of the Marine Corps daily. All cadets at Marine Military Academy are required to participate in the Marine Corps Junior ROTC program.  As such, cadets wear the Marine Corps uniform every day, including weekends and while on liberty.  They are reminded that they represent the school and the United States Marine Corps and their actions are a reflection on both.

Marine Corps Junior ROTC Leadership Classes

The Marine Corps Junior ROTC program at Marine Military Academy requires all cadets to be enrolled in Leadership classes while at the academy.  These classes present cadets with the history of leadership in our service and teach them the established principles, traits and core values that have been recognized throughout business and industry as necessary for successful leaders.  The program includes visits by a number of distinguished speakers to include former Medal of Honor recipient, LtGen James Livingston, Vice President and Executive Editor of The Times Dispatch, Mr. Glenn Proctor, and former POW Col. James Lamar, USAF .  Each of these speakers has expressed the importance of leadership in their chosen field during our annual Leadership Forum.  This forum allows senior cadets to sit in on panels with the subject of leadership is discussed and they are encouraged to bring out their own ideas and observations.  The overall goal of these discussions is not to prepare them for a military career but rather to impart to them an understanding of the importance of leadership.  The academy desires that these cadets continue on with their education at the collegiate level and furthermore that they are the future leaders of our country, whatever career path they choose.  It is our responsibility to ensure they are prepared to face the challenges that future holds.

Marine Corps Junior ROTC Outdoor Training

marine corps junior rotcThe Marine Corps Junior ROTC program makes use of the largest and most complete outdoor training facility found anywhere; the Leadership Enhancement and Development Complex, commonly referred to as The Back 40.  This complex was envisioned years ago under the leadership of MajGen Wayne Rollings as a place for cadets to improve physical fitness, develop confidence in their abilities, promote teamwork and teach problem solving skills.  The complex has grown from its initial three courses to a total of ten courses spread over an area of approximately 10 acres. In addition to being a training facility for our cadets it has become the major focus for our summer camp program and many campers decide to enroll at the academy based on their experiences at summer camp. The complex has also been recognized by local JROTC units and law enforcement agencies for its training value and is used extensively by them.  The LEAD Complex is also used as the major focus each year by the U.S. Army  and U.S. Marine Corps Cadet Leadership Camps.

The Marine Corps Junior ROTC program is but one aspect of the total education provided at Marine Military Academy, albeit an important one.  With the future in the hands of our cadets, we are committed to ensuring they have all the tools necessary and are ready.

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