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Scuba Program at Marine Military Academy

    Summer Scuba Program

scuba programThe scuba certification classes offered during the 2012 MMA Summer Camp were a great success. There were three weekly classes with six students in each class.  Scuba students were given academic instruction ranging from equipment use to  laws of physics pertaining to diving. Skills and safety training were taught in the MMA pool before heading out to the Gulf of Mexico for the open water dive.  The Scuba Program is taught my the Academy Assistant Dean, Joseph Palamara, a certified Scuba Diving Internation instructor.



scuba programFollowing all of their training in our pool, the students were taken to a working oil rig eleven miles off shore from South Padre Island where at approximately fifty feet they saw a fascinating and colorful array of hundreds of different types of fish.  Among the fish the students observed were Angel fish, Trigger fish, Sheepshead, Kingfish and even several King Barracuda!

Scuba Program Awards Certifications

All the campers who participated in the Summer Scuba Program received life-time open water certifications from Scuba Diving International. The following are the names of the campers that received their certification cards:

Jordan Arthur, Luke Fisher,  Matthew Miller, Connor Barkhouse,  Colin Freeh,  Aza Morrison, Lars Berggren, William Hickey, Alexander Skinner, Richard Bloch,  Adam Hujair, William Welch, Matthew Devall,Jonathan Hurley, Matthew Dorris,  Calvin Mashek, Jordan Ellis and Wilson Miles.

The Marine Military Academy Scuba Program already has a number of cadets signed up for the scuba program during the fall semester.  Check back later for an update on their progress.

Check out the Scuba Program Photos and Open Ocean Video.

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