Sharyland JROTC Visits LEAD Complex

Sharyland JROTC Cadets Visit MMA LEAD Complex

Maj Harold Compton

lead complexOn Friday, 20 April approximately 90 JROTC Cadets from Sharyland HS JROTC Unit arrived at the MMA LEAD Complex for a full day of fun and excitement.  This marks the second visit by cadets from Sharyland this year.  Their first visit about 50 cadets tried out the events on the LEAD Complex and this time an additional 40 were on hand for their first visit.  The cadets were scheduled to conduct rappel training and ride the zipline prior to lunch and then return to finish these events as well as take on the Confidence Course and Leadership Reaction Course.


Sharyland Takes on the LEAD Complex Tower

lead complexFollowing a safety brief and demonstration of the rappelling and zipline the cadets took on the events themselves.  All cadets on their first visit were required to undergo ground training for rappelling.  This uses a ground station to simulate going over the edge of the tower and allows them to experience the feel and develop confidence in their own braking ability.  Although the cadets are on the ground and not 30′ up, on the edge of the tower, the skills they learn here are exactly what they will need on the tower and they are much more relaxed and confident once the ascend the tower.   Once on top of the tower the rappelling went smooth and fast with no problems and the cadets had a great time, although some were still a little fearful of the entire experience.  Even with some trepitation they all agreed that it was a great time and they enjoyed themselves.

LEAD Complex Zipline

lead complexThe Zipline is the one event that there is never a  shortage of volunteers to take on the event.  The cadets quickly lined up and got the ride of their life.  Having just installed a new cable the ride was much faster and longer than on the older cable and the yells of delight could be heard all of the LEAD Complex!  Sharyland had the distinction of being the first unit to try out the new zipline.  Unlike rappelling, the Zipline does not take any special skill other than the courage to step of the top of the tower and go for a fast 350′ ride.

Following completion of both the rappelling and zipline the cadets took on the Confidence Course and Leadership Reaction course to complete their visit to the MMA LEAD Complex.  We look forward to their next visit.

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