Abundant Life Assembly on LEAD Complex

Abundant Life Assembly takes on MMA LEAD Complex

Maj Harold Compton

On Monday, 12 March a group of youth members of Abundant Life Assembly visited the Marine Military Academy LEAD Complex to take on a number of the events.  Supervision was provided my Maj Harold Compton.

LEAD Complex Tour

lead complexThe group  of about 50 began the day surrounded by dense fog which did little to dampen their spirits.  The day kicked off with  a walking tour of the LEAD Complex with an explanation of each of the various courses and some demonstrations.  The group was allowed to visit the top of the tower for a grand view of the entire LEAD Complex while they awaited the clearing of the fog.




Abundant Life Assembly Tackles LEAD Complex Events

lead complexThe group’s first event was the Obstacle Course.  After a brief demonstration of some of the techniques the group attacked the course.  Although some of the events proved to be a challenge, most of the participants quickly completed the course and requested to run it a second time.  The Obstacle Course was followed by the Circuit Course where the group ran one complete circuit before taking a well deserved break.  The last course they took on was the ever popular Confidence Course and this proved to be the most fun of all.  The morning ended with the group cleaning up before departing.  Comments from the group as well as Pastor Inez Martinez leads me to believe we will see them visiting again in the future.


 Learn more about the Marine Military Academy and the LEAD Complex

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