Nearly 300 boys graduate from MMA Summer Camp 2015

Most Improved Summer Camper 2015

On July 25, nearly 300 young men graduated from Marine Military Academy’s renowned summer camp program. The boys returned to their hometowns stronger, sharper, and more disciplined than when they arrived 28 days earlier.

The graduation exercises began at 9 a.m. with the MMA Summer Camp Graduation Parade. Immediately following the parade, each company held a recognition ceremony in front of the barracks. Every young man rceived a certificate of completion. Twenty-four of the graduates additionally received the Honor Man or Most Improved award.

Never does MMA host more visitors than at the conclusion of summer camp. At least 600 family members from all corners of the globe came to MMA to watch the campers graduate.

MMA Summer Camp is a military adventure camp for young men ages 12-17. In a month’s time, campers participate in at least 30 military exercises and sports – from archery to ziplining. Run by U.S. Marines, the tight camp structure and highly physical and challenging activities are designed to improve the fitness, focus, and self-confidence of the campers and build their self-discipline, character, and leadership skills.

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