53 graduate from MMA Introductory Training 2016

They walked onto the parade ground as “plebes” and walked off as cadets. Fifty-three young men officially joined the Marine Military Academy Corps of Cadets at the Introductory Training Graduation Parade Sept. 10.

At the graduation parade, the young men took the MMA Cadet Oath and then pinned the Marine Corps emblem to their covers. Then they joined the MMA battalion and marched in the parade pass in review.

Immediately following the parade, the new cadets assembled in front of the barracks for an informal graduation ceremony. Each cadet was personally recognized and awarded his certificate of completion.

The new cadets then celebrated their first weekend of liberty and hit the city with family members and/or friends.

Click to see photos of the MMA Introductory Training Graduation Parade & Ceremony.

fall 2016 plebe graduation