Strong veteran turnout for MMA Veterans Day Parade Nov 2016

Marine Military Academy paid tribute to approximately 100 heroes at the Veterans Day Parade Nov. 11. Veterans of all branches and wars turned out for the event, and people of all ages were there to support them.

During the parade pass in review, the servicemen and women lined up alongside Superintendent Col R. Glenn Hill and guest reviewing officers Col Bill Overstreet, USA (Ret), and Bob Vacker on the parade field so they could be honored by the MMA Corps of Cadets.

In addition to the cadet recognition, all veterans received small appreciation gifts from the Harlingen Home School Association students and Troop 4138 Girl Scouts.

After the parade, many parade-goers stayed and participated in the flag retirement ceremony that Troop 22 held behind the Iwo Jima Monument.

Click to view photos of the 2016 MMA Veterans Day Parade & Flag Retirement Ceremony.

vets parade 2016