MMA cadet builds flag retirement receptacle

A Marine Military Academy cadet built a much-needed flag retirement receptacle for his Eagle Scout leadership service project. The wooden drop box will be permanently housed inside the Iwo Jima Museum & Gift Shop so the community has a place to leave tattered and/or faded U.S. flags. Sophomore Bryan Streiff of Nevada City, Calif., gifted his receptacle to the museum April 25.

Because he is both an MMA cadet and Eagle Scout candidate, the patriotic teenager decided to make an attractive container where worn U.S. flags could be left and stored with more dignity.

“Most people keep old American flags in trash bags until they are ready to be retired, but I think this is a more respectable way to hold them,” Streiff said. “Almost anywhere you go in the country, it is hard to find a flag receptacle. There is a need for this.”

Streiff holding a flag
Sophomore Bryan Streiff of Nevada City, Calif., and Iwo Jima Museum & Gift Shop Director Gloria Boling drop the first flag into the flag retirement receptacle.