Campus Operations & Implementation Steps

icon of person wearing mask

Whenever possible, our plan is to utilize the expert guidance from local, state, and federal resources as well as Independent School Organizations to design our operational procedures for safely reopening the Academy campus amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Academy’s specific plan as it relates to a military boarding school environment is being presented to a representative of the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency for approval. While specific decisions and plans will be finalized over the next few weeks, strategies are currently being developed in the following areas including but not limited to:

Wellness Assessments

Daily wellness assessments scheduled throughout the day, the MMA Campus has multiple thermal throughout the campus, vitals are regularly taken.


Use of face mask is required for all Cadets, Staff and Visitors is mandatory.


Sanitizing classrooms and common areas after each class, washing of hands before and after entering a building, frequently utilizing CDC standards.

Wellness assessments include a short questionnaire on how someone is feeling and a temperature check. Wellness assessments will be done on all individuals upon entering MMA.  Any individual who does not pass the criteria of the assessment will be asked to depart the campus. Additionally, regular vitals assessments will be performed on Cadets at designated times of the day to identify anyone who may exhibit symptoms.  If a Cadet fails to meet the criteria of the assessment, he will immediately be directed to the Medical Clinic for further evaluation.

Staff and Visitors are required to wear face coverings when entering and while on campus.

The Academy will be issuing face coverings to all Cadets as part of the uniform requirements. The use of face coverings may be utilized when personal distancing cannot be achieved, situations in which individuals are frequenting common areas, or as an extra precautionary measure.

All staff members will be trained and certified in the effective methods for sanitization and proper hygiene. They will have an increased responsibility in sanitizing their workspaces, in addition to what the maintenance team will be focusing on daily.

Focused instruction and implementation of routine sanitation for common areas will be a Cadets responsibility in their barracks.  TAC Officers will oversee and facilitate the scheduled cleaning.

Academy Activities

MMA has instituted activities and events to continue with physical distancing procedures in place while at the same time allowing the cadet to enjoy the outdoors with rifle shooting, SCUBA, flying, mountain biking, etc.

Food Services

MMA has developed a proven plan in collaboration with our food service provider which includes physical distancing, place settings, elimination of buffet service, food preparation, and staggered meal service.

Campus Security & Visitors

Changes to visitor and vendor procedures.

Wellness assessments will be done on all individuals when entering the campus. Anyone who does not pass the criteria of the assessment will be asked to depart.

Pedestrian Traffic Flow

Certain areas around campus will require “one-way” traffic to maximize physical distancing. Direction arrows, marked queue lines, entrance/exit specific doors will be used in designated areas (i.e. walkway outside, mess hall, rec hall)