Military School Is a Privilege … Not a Punishment

Military School CadetsMilitary School Is a Privilege … Not a Punishment

For too long, “military school” has been a term that gets thrown around to threaten teenagers when they misbehave. I’m going to send you to military school! Though “military school” is meant as a solution in this exclamatory sentence, it definitely sends across the wrong message.

Military schools have an excellent reputation for helping teens who are either not living up to their full potential or are making poor decisions that can ruin not just their shot at college but their future in general.

Military schools are normally quite effective at helping students reach their full potential because the educational model is truly comprehensive. Unlike most college-prep schools, military schools build the whole person and stretch students 1) scholastically, 2) physically and 3) morally.

Compared to public or other private schools, military schools can be harder for most students to adjust to in the beginning. After all, structure, schedule and discipline are not supposed to make life comfortable. As students rise to the demands and high expectations of the military environment, however, they pick up the skills and habits they need for continued success, such as focus, time management and work ethic, just to name a few.

Military school is not easy … there is no question about it. A person can never grow if he is never challenged. At the same time, military school isn’t designed to make life miserable for those who are sent there. Rather, it’s designed to bring out the very best for those who are fortunate enough to attend it.

Military school is a privilege to attend, not a punishment.

It’s high time for parents to stop abusing “military school” in empty threats: I’m going to send you to military school!

Parents who truly realize the value of a military school education will say “military school” in a very different tone, with a bit of reverence: I’m going to send you to military school.

For those of you who know the true purpose and value of military school, kindly help restore the dignity in “military school” and encourage others to start sending the right message.

Col R. Glenn Hill – Superintendent, Marine Military Academy

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