Five Advantages of an All Boys School

mma headquarters gate, an all boys military schoolWhen you consider the advantages of an all boys’ school the first thought that might enter your mind is that “no girls” means fewer distractions.  There may be some truth to that, but there are also studies suggesting that the benefits of an all boys’ education are much broader.

The Advantages of an All Boys School:

1. Cater to the Learning Styles of Boys

Boys and girls learn differently and their brains develop differently.  At an all boys school the focus can be on learning styles and techniques that are more effective for males and that engage their more energetic curiosity and learning styles. The NEA article Educating Boys for Success suggests that boys learn better when they are allowed to be active, noisy and hands-on.  And, boys want a role in decision making such as which reading will be required for a class or which project topics will be offered.  Involvement in a busy, actively engaged classroom can be a motivator that inspires boys to learn.

relaxing at a game2. Lessening Social Pressure

There is a tremendous amount of social pressure on boys and girls in a mixed environment and those social pressures can have an impact on academic achievement. According to an article posted on Boarding School Review, during the adolescent years there is added stress on young men to interact with and relate to girls.  An all boys’ setting removes this stress and allows for students to develop confidence without those social distractions found in the mixed classroom.

 3. Higher Academic Success

Because an all boys school puts the emphasis on boys and their specific learning and social needs there can be an improvement in their academic success. Girls tend to outperform boys academically all the way through and into college.  An article published on the NEA website states that only 27 percent of men complete college compared to 36 percent for women. This is in part attributed to the better social and behavioral skills that girls develop early on. If an all boys’ school can allow students to develop socially, behaviorally and academically at their own pace and in their own unique ways, there can be an improvement in their academic achievement.

4. Freedom to Pursue a Wider Variety of Interests

In the absence of social pressure, it is believed that boys can break away from stereotypical male activities. An article published on the NASSPE website explains that without these stereotypes boys can be feel more freedom to pursue interests such as art, languages, community service and music. They also have the opportunities to participate more actively in tasks and activities that are normally taken over by girls.

 all boys schools build teamwork5. Camaraderie and lifelong friendships

 All boys’ schools are known for having unique systems of core values and traditions.  Participation in the ceremonies and activities associated with these traditions allows boys to make strong bonds with their peers and to develop lasting friendships.  In the all boys’ environment the students have more in common with each other and the experiences shared allow strong bonds that often last for a lifetime.

Below is a video in which several boys talk about their experiences attending an all boy’s school:


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