Flight Simulator Pilot Training at MMA

FMX flight simulator displays
An inside look at the displays of the FMX flight simulator

Part of the pilot training program at the Marine Military Academy includes flight simulation.  MMA has teamed with Redbird Flight Simulations to provide a custom flight training curriculum.  Redbird is also supplying RedHawk training aircraft and Redbird FMX and  TD2 flight simulators.

Redbird FMX Flight Simulator

The FMX flight simulator features a fully enclosed two-person cockpit.  The electric full-motion platform means that it can pitch, roll and yaw to provide the student pilot a realistic sense of motion.  Wrap-around displays in the simulator provide more than 200 degrees of view angle.

Redbird FMX flight simulator
MMA’s Redbird FMX flight simulator

Each of the six LCD monitors has their own high end graphics card. The level of realism is hard to match. The two LCD instrument panels are configurable to match thirty different aircraft.  The knobs, switches and other controls are real aircraft hardware. The software used to power the simulation is Microsoft’s ESP  which is used in military and commercial simulators. The FAA has certified the FMX as an Advanced Aviation Training Device which means that instrument hours can be earned using the simulator.

The FMX has been designed so that it can fit through standard door ways and has been setup in one of MMA’s classrooms.  If you are interested in buying an FMX for yourself the base price is $59,800 (2014).

Here is a Youtube video that provides details on the inter-workings of FMX simulator:

And here is another video that demonstrates the simulator in use:

Advantages of Flight Simulators

The advantages of including flight simulation in MMA’s high school pilot training program include:

  • Reduced cost: Practicing basic skills in a simulator is cheaper than aircraft rental and fuel costs.
  • More practice time:  The simulator is always ready to use. There is no time lost to pre-flight checking the aircraft or ground delays.
  • Reduced flying hours: The ability to practice in a simulator before flying reduces the number of hours required to gain actual aircraft proficiency.
  • Preparation:  Because of the comprehensive airport and terrain database students can prepare and practice for significant milestone flights such as their first cross country flight. Also, unusual flight situations can be quickly and safely practiced.

Interested in learning more about the FMX? Read the detailed review of the Redbird FMX  from FlyingMag.com.

Redbird TD2 Flight Simulator

Redbird TD2 flight simulator at MMA
Redbird TD2 flight simulator at MMA

MMA also has a Redbird TD2 simulator available to our student pilots.  This simulator is table-mounted but in such a way as to provide realistic positioning of the controls, instruments and displays.  This too is a FAA certified simulator and allows students to log 2.5 hours toward the private pilot certificate and 10 hours of instruction towards instrument rating.

Here is a youtube video that explains some of the features of the TD2:


The Marine Military Academy pilot training program features the FMX and TD2 flight simulators.  To learn more about our high school pilot training program  visit the Flight Training page of our website.

Marine Military Academy is a Private All Boys High School located in South-Texas.