Lead Complex Work Continues

Work on LEAD Complex Continues in Preparation for Summer Camp 2013

Maj Harold Compton

liftSummer Camp 2013 is quickly approaching and it looks like it will be one of our best in many years.  Applications are arriving daily and by early June we are expecting to start a waiting list for applications.  In preparation for the expected crowd of campers work has continued on the LEAD Complex to make sure that all events are ready and some new ones are going to get their first use.  This week we begin work on replacing all existing ropes with new ones.  These are the ropes on our Obstacle Course and Confidence Course.  They are 1 and 1/2 inch hemp ropes for climbing as well as the Run, Jump and Swing and Nitro Crossing events.  These are 30 foot ropes that the campers will be using to climb and descend from the various events and a boom lift is required to remove the old ropes so that new ones can be put up.

LEAD Complex Receives Much Needed Topsoil

lead complex topsoilOver the last few weeks the LEAD Complex has received a donation of over 4000 cubic yards of topsoil from a local construction site.  This topsoil was put to good use in leveling out a major area that was prone to standing water whenever it rained.  The main area was the Circuit Course which turned into a small lake every time we had a hard rain.  The soil was leveled over the are allowing rain water to soak in or run off the course.  The area was seeded after leveling and the first sign of grass are already poking up from the soil.  Some of the topsoil was also used to raise the sides of the Rope Bridging event so that the ravine they will cross is 3 feet deeper than last summer.  The last of the topsoil was used to level the areas around the High Ropes Courses.  It is hoped that this will end the standing water we see after each rain.

lrcThe Leadership Reaction Course will be receiving a fresh coat of paint before Summer Camp 2013 kicks off and new cammie nets will be placed on the Tower and the Pugil Sticks event.  The next major project is the replacement of all High Ropes cabling.  This work will take some time as the old cables must be first removed, new cables fabricated and then reinstalled on the poles.  The boom lift will be used to do all of the work and should be completed within the next week.  The Complex will also have wood chips added to all events where a fall could result in injury and a new sun screen is planned for the southwest High Ropes Course.


LEAD Complex Instructors Also Get Updated

To ensure that all campers are safe all the time, MMA Instructors and Cadet Instructors have begun refresher training this week and will continue the entire week.  Cadet Instructors are undergoing belay certification as well as briefs on safety procedures on the various courses and MMA Instructors are undergoing rescue training as well as rigging of the various courses.  Two of the instructors will also be attending COPE School before Summer Camp for certification as COPE Directors.  As safety of summer campers is our primary focus each year this refresher training is necessary to ensure our LEAD Complex Instructors are ready for any eventuality.

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