Summer Camp 2013 Work Begins

LEAD Complex Work Begins in Preparation for Summer Camp 2013

Maj Harold Compton

summer campWork has already begun on preparing the LEAD Complex for the upcoming Summer Camp 2013.  Preparations normally begin around the beginning of April and will continue right up until the end of the school year.  With the large number of events on the complex there are a number of tasks to be completed to ensure that not only are the courses ready but inspections and repairs are completed.  Safety of our campers is the number one priority and our past history has proven that the time invested in preparing the courses has reduced possible injuries.  Over the last 12 years we have not had a single injury as a result of failure of any equipment and this year will be no different.  The overall goal is to ensure that everyone has a fun and exciting time and nobody has fun getting hurt.

Summer Camp Ropes Courses

summer campAlthough the cables used on our Ropes Courses are of a tremendous strength and normal usage would dictate that they last 5 to 10 years, policy at MMA is that all cables are replaced every 3 to 4 years.  Although this is more costly it ensures that we never approach the point where cables are nearing the end of their usage life.  This year will mark the 4th time our course has been recabled in its 12  years of usage.  Summer Camp sees the greatest use of our Ropes Course so special care is taken each year to inspect each cable and all hardware.  Additionally a certified ACCT vendor will be on board to conduct an annual inspection of the entire course prior to Summer Camp.

In additon to replacing all cables, all ropes in use on the course are being replaced prior to the start of summer camp and a number of harnesses and helmets are already being ordered to replace older ones.

Confidence Course, Circuit Course and Obstacle Course Receive Work Prior to Summer Camp

soil2Prior to the kickoff of Summer Camp our Confidence Course and Obstacle Course will both undergo a detailed inspection to ensure the all hardware, ropes, logs and nets are in prime shape for the use they will see.  All bolts will be checked to ensure proper tightness and all ropes will be replaced again this year.  Those events where a fall is possible will have new wood chips placed below them to ensure a minimum of 24 inches of uncompressed woodchips.  Those events requiring it will be repainted and all wire on the low crawl event will be replaced.  This year the Circuit Course has undergone a major change as a donation of several thousand cubic yards of dirt finally alllowed us to level the entire course.  At times rains have resulted in serious puddling on the course, a problem we have finally taken care of due to the generosity of a local construction company.  All of the extra dirt allowed us to improve our Rope Bridging event by building up the surrounding area by two feet.  The result was that the pit that the rope bridging is done over is now deep enough that rope sag will not allow the campers to touch the ground.

Summer Camp Preparation Includes a Myriad of Small Projects

summer8Although there are a number of major projects to get ready for summer camp, there are also a number of minor improvements and repairs that are required each year.  This year will see all of the wire on the Low Crawl element replaced, a new sun shade erected near one of the Ropes Courses for the campers use, sun shades installed on the tower and Pugil Stick pit, repairs to several of the ground elements including replacement of a broken A-frame Shuffle and building of several parking barriers.  We have also had to repair a broken water line servicing the complex and repair several sections of the road on the LEAD Complex.  New ropes still have to be cut for the Rapel Tower and High Ropes Courses and a complete inspection of individual equipment prior to commencement of summer camp.  All in all there is still a lot to do before our first camper sets foot on the complex however, this is an annual task that is done every year to ensure that all summer campers have the time of their lives and are safe at all times.

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