MMA September 2020 President’s Letter

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15 September 2020

Dear MMA Parents/Guardians,

Having your young men back on campus has been incredibly rejuvenating! I know that some of the new Cadets are still adjusting to life here at MMA but that is to be expected. Please continue to encourage them in their academic, physical, and emotional development. For those returning Cadets I am humbled to witness their exuberance overseeing one another, their Drill Instructors, and their teachers.

I am incredibly pleased with the resilience, commitment, and versatility of the Corps of Cadets. This past weekend we had 40 plebes graduate from plebe training. I am pleased with the grades overall – they remain excellent.

As we work to finalize our operational plan for fall activities please know that we will all miss the Parent/guardian participation in these events. Where possible we will provide virtual coverage of the events/activities. It is our goal to keep the Cadets safe and busy so that when we return them to you in December you can have a wonderful and safe family visit. Some of the events we are considering include 1) Mid Waypoint celebration/field meet, 2) an Octoberfest with a bonfire, pumpkin tossing, 3) a Trunk or Treat event and scary movie, 4) a Marine Corps Birthday Cake cutting ceremony for the Cadets and 5) a special Thanksgiving dinner meal together as a Corps of Cadets. The Cadets will prepare for finals and be ready for Christmas break on 11 December.

Please know that I am here to discuss any of your questions and concerns, so do not hesitate to reach out as we navigate this journey together. Thank you again for your faithful support to Marine Military Academy. All the work we do on campus is not possible without your assistance and support.


Christopher S. Dowling
Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
Marine Military Academy 320
lwo Jima Blvd Harlingen, TX 78550
(956) 421-9220