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Marine Military Academy Embraces Social Media

Social Media Here to Stay at MMA Maj Harold Compton The is no denying that we all live in a digital world today. How many of us go through a day without using a computer, searching on the Internet and interacting with friends and associates on the various social media channels? Social media initially began as a way for friends to meet online, to share and connect in a way just as the name implies: socially.  Today the social media outlets have become even more important to the business world as a means of finding and connecting with potential customers and interacting with our current customers. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and … Continue reading

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Document Cameras in the Classroom

Marine Military Academy:  Document Camera in the Classrooms The Marine Military Academy is implementing the use of document cameras, projectors, and laptop setups this semester. Five document cameras with projectors were purchased this school year and installed in the English  and Math Departments.  Teachers have welcomed the use of this equipment in their classrooms.  A document camera is one of the easiest and quickest ways to integrate technology into a classroom because very few special skills are needed to use this piece of equipment and they have such a variety of uses.   Document Camera Uses During a lesson, teachers easily switch back and forth between the document camera and the computer. … Continue reading

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Marine Military Academy Technology Improvements

document cameras

Technology in the Classroom This year, a number of additions and improvements in the area of Information Technology have been completed to benefit cadet learning.  MMA boasts three computer labs in the Foreign Language department with a total of 55 computers available using the Tell Me More language program.   There are two computer labs in the General Services department for use in the Computer Science and Keyboarding classrooms.  These two labs have a total of 35 computers for cadet use.  The Keyboarding classroom also supports the Yearbook staff with additional programs and Internet access for yearbook publication. This summer, MMA completed the installation of six new computers in the Chemistry lab and five in the Physics labs.  The SAT … Continue reading

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