Five Advantages of an All Boys School


When you consider the advantages of an all boys’ school the first thought that might enter your mind is that “no girls” means fewer distractions.  There may be some truth to that, but there are also studies suggesting that the benefits of an all boys’ education are much broader. The Advantages of an All Boys School: 1. Cater to the Learning Styles of Boys Boys and girls learn differently and their brains develop differently.  At an all boys school the focus can be on learning styles and techniques that are more effective for males and that engage their more energetic curiosity and learning styles. The NEA article Educating Boys for Success … Continue reading

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Four Reasons To Choose a Military School Education


Many people have misconceptions concerning military boarding schools.  Common perception being military boarding schools are only for juvenile delinquents who cause trouble and corporal punishment is a part of the discipline regimen.  In fact, the guiding philosophy of most military schools is to provide a wholesome, patriotic and invigorating atmosphere in which students are inspired toward maximum achievement. Why Choose a Military School Education? 1. Build Character Military schools help build the qualities of character often missing in a student’s public school education.  These traits include honesty, self-discipline, motivation, initiative, courage and self-confidence.  The military staff at these institutions has spent their careers developing the techniques required to develop good character in others. Under … Continue reading

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Flight Training Instructor Mitri Garib – The Man Who Trains Future Pilots

Mr. Mitri Garib standing beside a Redhawk 172 flight training aircraft.

Mitri Garib is the flight training instructor at Marine Military Academy in Harlingen. The South Texas native started flying in 1991 and received his pilot certification in 1994 from Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology in Tulsa, Okla. Mr. Garib has been teaching people how to fly since 1998. For the past 14 years, he has been training the cadets of MMA … and he still loves his job! Take a moment to meet this flight instructor pilot and learn more about his career. Q&A with Flight Instructor Mitri Garib Q: When did you first take an interest in flying? A: I’ve wanted to fly ever since I can remember. … Continue reading

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Chosin Few Memorial Gate

The Chosin Few Memorial Gate

It’s Not Misspelled!: MMA’s Chosin Few Gate Is Dedicated to the Forgotten War At the southern entrance of the Marine Military Academy (MMA) campus in Harlingen, Texas, is a gate named “Chosin Few Memorial Gate.” If you noticed Chosin was spelled with an i instead of an e and you thought it was a typo, then you don’t know about the Battle of Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War. The Frozen Chosin and the Chosin Reservoir Battle According to MMA Superintendent Col R. Glenn Hill, the Korean War (1950-1953) is often known as the “Forgotten War.”  MMA, a college-preparatory boarding school founded and run by Marines, decided it would never forget … Continue reading

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