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Grit – A Key to Success


Got Grit? Military Boarding Schools Teach the Key to Success Though the entire purpose of education is to help people live fuller lives and enjoy more opportunities, most schools are failing to teach students something more fundamental than English, algebra or chemistry. They are failing to teach “grit.” According to Webster dictionary, grit is “firmness of mind or spirit” or “unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger.” School is most likely where young people will develop their scale of grit. For instance, a student who is overwhelmed by a course such as algebra may just stop trying and fail the subject. Another student, however, may start to attend tutoring … Continue reading

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Service Academy Selection – Improve Your Chances

Naval academy cadet in parade

If you hope to attend a service academy, good for you! If you are selected, you will receive a free, top-notch education, some of the best leadership training in the world and an officer job waiting for you after you graduate. If this is your goal, the time to prepare is NOW. The preliminary application for a United States service academy should be submitted in your junior year. The process of preparing, however, should start from your first day in high school. This way, you can begin building the application necessary to gain selection. Selection for a service academy is a highly competitive process. Every year, 8 out of the 9 … Continue reading

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Letting Go: 7 Coping Tips When Your Child Is Away at Boarding School

parent hugs son at boarding school registration day

Parents can expect to feel some degree of separation anxiety when their child is away at boarding school, especially in the beginning. Even if there are other siblings in the house, it is perfectly natural to miss the son or daughter that you have spent many years caring for. At some point, all parents have to learn to let go; fortunately, it doesn’t need to be that hard. Seven Tips To Help You Cope When Your Child Is Away At Boarding School:   1. Keep Busy: Nothing will take your mind off your child’s absence better than keeping busy. It’s extremely hard for the human mind to focus on two … Continue reading

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Military Schools: MMA can make the difference.

Marine Corps JROTC

Military Schools Can Make the Difference! Military Schools can provide a level of structure and discipline that is often needed during a young man’s adolescent period. The Marine Military Academy (MMA) is one of the premier challenging, traditional military schools.  The setting is structured and rules are enforced; the goal is to prepare young men for college. MMA is unique among all military schools and secondary institutions. Its very foundation was framed from the desire to emulate those tried and true Marine traditions and values that have earned the respect and gratitude of our great nation. Efficiency experts, Business executives and even Inc. Magazine have touted the U.S. Marine Corps … Continue reading

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