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Military Schools: MMA can make the difference.

Morning Colors

Military Schools Can Make the Difference! Military Schools can provide a level of structure and discipline that is often needed during a young man’s adolescent period. The Marine Military Academy (MMA) is one of the premier challenging, traditional military schools.  The setting is structured and rules are enforced; the goal is to prepare young men for college. MMA is unique among all military schools and secondary institutions. Its very foundation was framed from the desire to emulate those tried and true Marine traditions and values that have earned the respect and gratitude of our great nation. Efficiency experts, Business executives and even Inc. Magazine have touted the U.S. Marine Corps … Continue reading

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Student Counseling

Student Counseling at Marine Military Academy Mr. Joseph Palamara The primary focus of the Marine Military Academy Counseling Department is to ensure academic success by removing impediments to cadet learning. There are three main components that center on student counseling; social interaction, behavior and academics.  Each of these areas is supported by the teachers, administration and parents. All of these components provide support to cadets during a time when they are adjusting to a new home, meeting new people, being away from family and friends, and dealing with the requirements of their academic workload. Student Counseling: Social Interaction The first component is in the area of social interaction. This area deals with a cadet’s … Continue reading

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Son With Poor Grades?

Do You Have a Son with Poor Grades? Maj. Harold Compton Do you have a son that is getting poor grades in high school?  Have you noticed a drop in your teenage son’s overall performance in school?  Did he demonstrate at an earlier age that he was bright and did well in school?  Are you at a loss as to why he is now struggling and getting poor grades in school? If you answered yes to the above questions don’t feel alone and don’t panic.  You are a member of one of the largest groups of people in this country: parents with a teenage son getting poor grades.  I myself … Continue reading

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Military Schools Are They a Good Choice?

Military Schools: Advantages of Choosing One Military schools, are they for me?  Many parents today are looking into alternatives to public schools for their high school age sons.  They are tired of the results being produced by school systems that are overcrowded, faced with an increase in violence and drugs, plagued by underfunding and see the resulting impact on their sons by lowering of grades and a willingness by the system to simply pass along failing students to the next level.  The result is students graduating from high school and totally unprepared for the demands of college. National studies show in increase in dropout rates and the impact this has … Continue reading

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