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Marine Military Academy

An All Boys College Preparatory Boarding School

Academic success at Marine Military Academy is NOT AN advertising term, it is the school’s entire purpose!

Academic success in high school is a challenge for many young men. For those who are struggling to keep up their grades, academic success becomes more like academic survival until graduation. The Academics Department’s role is creating an environment, where young men grow into disciplined, morally strong, college-ready individuals who are prepared for responsible leadership.

Academics at Marine Military Academy are grounded in the core disciplines of English, mathematics, social science, science and foreign language, but more important than this knowledge, however, is their complete transformation into responsible learners and informed citizens. MMA has a proven record of helping students increase their grade point average and preparing them for college-level work. On average, the GPA for new students increases by 1.71. Also, almost 100 percent of MMA graduates are accepted into colleges or universities.